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WATERJET: Waterjet cutting machine


The Water-jet cutting at ultra-high pressure is one of the more modern and interesting cutting systems in the world. The heart of the system is a pump equipped with one or several intensifiers. This generate a pressure in the water  of 4000, 5000 or 6000 bars. This water goes out through an orifice of few tenths of mm., reaching a speed than more of 1Km./sec.This is several times higher than the speed of sound Depending on the material to be cut, it is added to the water avery fine and homogeneous sand (abrasive) which improves the capacity and quality of cutting.

The success of water jet cutting is due, without doubt, to its versatility . Its range of applications is vast and continues growing. The most used are : carbon steel , stainless steel, ceramic , granite, marble, glass, textile, leather, carpet, etc. . In addition, the waterjet can cut , with good quality, thicknesses unattainable for other cutting systems . One of the most valued in the water jet cutting is that these materials, especially metals, do not suffer any thermal alteration . This favors the subsequent welding processes. In industries such as aerospace, automotive , shipbuilding, etc. these aspects are essential.

ASTRIDA began operating in cutting waterjet ultra high pressure in 2003, so we can offer the equipment that best suits your needs and be more profitable .